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Norwesco, Inc.

Headquartered in St. Bonifacius, MN, Norwesco, Inc. ("Norwesco" or the "Company") is the largest manufacturer of polyethylene tanks in North America. The Company designs, manufactures, and markets a broad assortment of polyethylene tanks primarily to the agricultural and septic tank markets, and is the market leader in each of these respective categories. The Company also sells a line of valves, couplers, and adapters for use with its tanks, which are produced by both domestic and foreign subcontractors.

Norwesco's polyethylene storage tanks are used in industrial and agricultural industries to store and/or spray fertilizer solutions, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, water, liquid feed, and plant food. The Company's tanks are corrosion resistant and lightweight, and range in size from 12 gallons to 15,000 gallons and are manufactured in a variety of shapes including vertical, elliptical, cone bottom tanks, and several other specialized shapes.

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Ontario Drive and Gear, Ltd.

Ontario Drive and Gear, Ltd. ("ODG" or the "Company"), based in New Hamburg, Ontario, is the world's leading manufacturer of amphibious all-terrain utility vehicles. Known primarily for its top of the line "Avenger", the Company produces approximately 70 percent of all amphibious UTV/ATV's in the world each year. Founded in 1962, the Company has built its dominant market share around its specialized and proprietary transmission technology, core to the "Argo" product line of amphibious ATV/UTV's.

ODG sells the "Avenger" and the rest of its amphibious ATV/UTV's through a network of over 150 dealers in Canada, the U.S. and the rest of the world. Used extensively by hunters and fishermen, the "Argo" is especially useful in extreme conditions where its 6- or 8-wheel drive and amphibious capabilities allow it to reach remote locations inaccessible to conventional ATV/UTV's. The rugged nature of the "Argo" line creates applications in the forestry, energy and search and rescue markets and has recently been adopted in border patrol operations by the Department of Homeland Defense. In addition to the amphibious ATV/UTV business, ODG's precision engineering capabilities position the Company to manufacture critical gears, couplings and related transmission components for large OEM's in a wide variety of non-automotive industrial applications, including material handling, forestry, heavy construction and agriculture equipment.

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ALCO Manufacturing Corporation LLC

ALCO Manufacturing Corporation LLC ("ALCO" or the "Company") is a premier manufacturer of engineered hydraulic hose fittings, quick disconnect couplings, air conditioning and refrigeration couplings, tube fittings, and other fluid power components. The Company operates as a preferred provider for a global, blue chip customer base demanding high quality turned screw and CNC products. ALCO was formed in 1971 and is headquartered in Elyria, Ohio, thirty miles west of Cleveland.

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Natural Resource Group, LLC

Natural Resource Group, LLC (NRG) was founded in 1992 and has distinguished itself from other environmental consulting firms by focusing solely on energy projects. NRG is the market leader in providing public affairs support and environmental permitting and compliance services for natural gas, crude oil, and refined products pipelines. NRG also provides environmental and public affairs services for new and expanded gas storage facilities, including LNG terminals; the electric generation, transmission, and utilities sector; as well as all aspects of renewable energy. NRG emphasizes high quality and expert service, with experience that is always relevant and client focused. NRG's team of more than 180 consultants serves national and international clients collaboratively from offices in Minneapolis, Houston, Denver, Providence, Charlotte, Baton Rouge, Portland, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Syracuse and Chicago and Calgary, Alberta.

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Wholesale Produce Supply, LLC

Wholesale Produce Supply, LLC ("WPS") is a leading distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables to grocery wholesalers and foodservice distributors. Based in Minneapolis, MN, the company is one of the largest tomato suppliers in the country and offers over 130 additional produce items to customers primarily in the Upper Midwest.

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Mitchell's Oil Field Service, Inc.

Mitchell's Oil Field Service, Inc. ("Mitchell"), headquartered in Sidney, MT, is a leading oil field services provider to major and independent oil producers throughout the Williston Basin (a 200,000 square mile oil reservoir covering western North Dakota and eastern Montana). The Company has additional facilities in Glendive, MT, Baker, MT, Watford City, ND, Bowman, ND, Killdeer, ND, and Williston, ND. Mitchell’s employs over 400 people and has established a reputation as a "first call" provider for oil field services throughout the region.

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Norco, LLC

Norco, LLC ("Norco" or the "Company") was a new entity created by Stone Arch Capital to target two niches of the capital equipment market; 1) specialized construction attachments for application on equipment used in construction, solid waste, demolition and recycling, and 2) processing equipment utilized for generating alternative forms of renewable bio-mass fuels. Norco was designed to serve these segments through two separate operating subsidiaries, Norco Attachments ("NA") and Norco Equipment ("NE"). Norco's overall strategy was to acquire small companies and advanced products that incorporated highly engineered and differentiated features that yield greater productivity, safety and operating efficiencies for end use customers in the targeted niche markets.

Vanderra Resources, LLC

Vanderra Resources, LLC ("Vanderra") was an oilfield services provider to major and independent oil and gas producers throughout the Barnett Shale, Marcellus Shale, and Eagle Ford Shale. The Company focused on the setup and teardown of oilfield drilling sites, as well as basic well site construction, maintenance, environmental containment, and water transfer services. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the Company operated out of additional offices in Towanda and Clearfield, PA; Morgantown, WV; and Carrizo Springs and Dilly, TX and employed over 350 people.