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Investment Approach » For Intermediaries

Stone Arch Capital works actively to cultivate a broad range of intermediary relationships to assist us in introducing our investment approach to business owners. We recognize that the source of an introduction can represent many years of a trusted relationship and we treat that introduction accordingly. We also recognize that an initial introduction may be the first of many steps before reaching a final decision about the sale of a business.

In all cases, we understand the need for confidentiality, and are sensitive to the issues surrounding a change in control. Our track record, deal experience, and reputations have been built on the basic principles of integrity and commitment to execution. We dedicate the resources required to pursue opportunities that fit our investment focus.

Intermediaries can depend on Stone Arch Capital for several reasons:

  • We respond to inquiries in a timely manner
  • We are very clear about our level of interest in a prospective transaction
  • We negotiate in an ethical and straightforward manner
  • We execute in a timely manner
  • We evaluate the important issues and create a structure that addresses them
  • We employ conservative capital structures, with less leverage
  • We enjoy deep lending relationships, including those within our LP base
  • We will pay customary finder's fees
  • We are easily referenced