Welcome To Stone Arch Capital

Stone Arch Capital, LLC is a private equity fund based in Minneapolis, MN. Our fund was founded with a commitment to identifying and building value based on patience, discipline and years of experience operating in our core Midwest market. We seek to create shareholder value by forming partnerships with management teams based on trust and integrity. Our presence in the Midwest and collective deal experience position us to identify attractive investment opportunities and to generate superior returns for our investors.

Heritage of Our Name

The Stone Arch Bridge, located below St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the only bridge of its kind over the Mississippi River, the Father of Waterways. Built by railroad baron James J. Hill in 1883, the sweeping curvature of the bridge was an architectural breakthrough in its day. For over 100 years, the bridge successfully created a pathway for railroad commerce, connecting the East to the West.

"...Strength, integrity, and endurance..."

This historical Stone Arch Bridge stands as a symbol of the visionary spirit of Midwestern business and of a Railway Age that shaped the evolution of our nation. Its characteristics of strength, integrity, and endurance are fitting values for our fund.